We are dragsterbarbie

"Dragsterbarbie illustrate all that is female without wearing out the girl band cliche…don’t let the facade fool you. Dragsterbarbie can hold their own in the sometimes over-hyped club scene of LA." — Sarahbeth Purcell

Amy +

Amy writes, sings, and plays Silvertone and Dano guitars.

Teresa +

Teresa rocks the bass guitar and sings beach girl harmonies.

Kelly =

Kelly plays the big beat drums and always says something supersmart.


Listen up! Yeah, you.


"What can I say, except, “gas up the Nova, Shirley, ’cause we’s going’ for a ride,” It’s straight out South Cali garage-rock… Dragster Barbie have stole my soul with their infectious grade pop, rock and roll… it’s a slice of the real deal, not some pre-packaged, sodium-enhanced sugary substitute." — Sean Coulter


When Kelly rented a set of drums before her first drum

11 Jul 16 dragsterbarbie


Teresa hails from Brandon, FL and moved out to Los Ange

11 Jul 16 dragsterbarbie


Amy conjures up characters she sings about like a merm

11 Jul 16 dragsterbarbie

Our Story

Maybe it was all because of a disgruntled mermaid. In

15 Feb 16 dragsterbarbie