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11 Jul 16
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When Kelly rented a set of drums before her first drum lesson at the local music store, she had to study the cover of her Buddy Rich’s Snare Drum Techniques to figure out how to assemble them. Nor did she and her sister know how to assemble a song, but that didn’t stop them from forming their first band. After various lineup and name changes, the band emerged as Wednesday Week and they released the Don-Dixon-produced album What We Had on Enigma Records. Two songs from the album were featured in the film Slumber Party Massacre II, and a video of “Missionary” made it onto MTV’s 120 Minutes.

Some years later, Kelly was lightly stalked by Amy and Teresa at a Wednesday Week reunion show. One listen of the dragsterbarbie cassette they gave her told her all she needed to know: this band knew how to write great songs and had a fun and engaging stage presence that she wanted to be part of!

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