Skratch, Issue #38, April 1999
Dragster Barbie illustrate all that is female without wearing out the girl band cliche…don’t let the facade fool you. Dragster Barbie can hold their own in the sometimes over-hyped club scene of LA … Why they haven’t been signed yet is the biggest mystery. Let’s hope they don’t remain LA’s best kept secret too long.

— Sarahbeth Purcell


Cat Scratch Fever, Issue 1, May 1999
Impressive all-girl band Dragster Barbie have sure been keeping themselves busy of late with plenty of live dates in and around the L.A. area. On Saturday, the girls made a live radio appearance on KFI AM’s Wayne Resnick Show. Their brand new song ‘Hope Has Nine Lives’ is once again produced by Ed Stasium, and put simply, could be the song that busts this band wide open… Their self-pressed CD knocked the socks off me late last year.

— Vicious Kitten Records


Indi-cent Exposure
What can I say, except, “gas up the Nova, Shirley, ’cause we’s going’ for a ride,” It’s straight out South Cali garage-rock with a harmony that sounds oddly a lot like that of a 427 big block Chevy with Hooker headers and nothing else… a solid bubblegum burble that underlines the big-ass guitars and biting backbone of these three South Cali gals… Dragster Barbie have stole my soul with their infectious grade pop, rock and roll… it’s a slice of the real deal, not some pre-packaged, sodium-enhanced sugary substitute.

— Sean Coulter


glue, December, 1999
(2 full-page fashion shoot) Reprazentin’ the San Fernando Valley, dragsterbarbie puts the car back into garage pop and glues their namesake’s doll heads onto their guitars.

— glue


Vicious Kitten ‘zine, November/December 1998
Melodic all-girl trio Dragster Barbie only burst onto the LA club scene a few months back yet are fast leaving all who hear them well and truly dazed. Hearing talented singer/songwriter Amy’s quirky yet honest lyrics for the first time is like a much-needed hit of oxygen… Armed with strong songs and an abundance of melody, Amy, Teresa and Kelly have all the ingredients for one helluva sparkling debut album and me thinks that their day is fast approaching. They’re cute, they rock, they’re the hottest sounding band I’ve heard in a long time – they’re Dragster Barbie, and they’re my pic of the issue!! More please.

–Denis Gray


BAM, Night Fever
Another band who I’ve had the misfortune of missing out on for the past few months are Dragster Barbie and after witnessing their recent Dragonfly show I was shocked to find that they’ve transformed from giggly, secret agent surfer girls into a full-blown hard rocking ’60’s garage band experience.

— Jim Freek